Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Dayle & Oliver'

Sept 9, 2012

by Dayle

Back to last year... at this time. Still on the 9th... you were still not yourself. Again, the night before we'd gone to the hospital... because you couldn't keep anything down. They gave you cerenia... for nausea. But it didn't seem to help. I still hadn't gotten your tests results. I had called... and they said they had lost them! Oh My GOD... how could they let that happen. It was the fluid they had drained from around your lungs. This couldn't be happening.

We needed to know how to help you. That test would determine the next step. Depending on what it showed... you might need to have an echo done next. They didn't do that at your hospital. They had to bring someone in to do it. How long am I supposed to wait for the results? They had told me it would be in a couple of days. Now... they may have lost it? They told me they were looking for it... and would call soon.

Meanwhile baby... I just tried so hard to get you to eat and drink. I had given you yogurt through a syringe. Bought pedialyte... and gave you water and pedialyte every 20 minutes or so... and you seemed to keep it down... as long as I gave it slow. I tried giving you the chicken... but you just let it fall from your mouth. By now... you had not had done anymore pooping... and hardly peeing. I was so scared. Finally once that day... you peed.

We both laid on the couch together that night. I had fallen asleep. I tried so hard not to sleep... in case you needed me. I awoke to find you gone. I found you in the kitchen... next to your water bowl. Your eyes were open. I picked you up... my heart pounding. I screamed your name. You did not respond. I screamed for daddy... and got into the car to rush to the hospital. As we were ready to leave, the alarm suddenly went off in the car. You snapped out of it...and suddenly responded.

We took the half hour drive to the hospital... but you seemed ok... so we sat in the parking lot for about an hour to be sure you were ok. I thought... you must have just been so exhausted... from everything. And so... we took you home... and went to bed. Hopefully tomorrow... you might come around... and your results would be in....

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