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The Next Day...

Sept 5, 2012

by Dayle

I remember trying to get through the night Ollie. Morning finally came... and I wanted so much to go pick you up from the hospital. I called and they told me to come in... in late afternoon. Why... I thought... but I don't remember asking any questions. Was I too afraid to hear what they might have to say? They told me the fluid they drained from around your lungs had blood in it. That was not good. But I had to wait for a couple days for the results of the testing. They said it should give an answer.

It seemed like forever before it was time to pick you up. Finally... I was there... and they brought out my baby boy. They had shaved both sides of your chest... and on either side I could see the needle marks. I tried not to think about what you had gone through. Oh my God you poor angel. Did you cry? Did you fight? Did they hurt you? But you were okay right now. You were in my arms again... my sweet boy. I just wanted to take you back home. Tomorrow was your birthday. At least we could be together....

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