Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Dea & Samantha'

July 08, 2013

Hi my angel

Day 283 : Damn

Each day is worse than the day before.

“Time does not heal anything, it just teaches us how to deal with the pain . . .”

I have never heard truer words. I miss you so much my girlie girl and it ain’t getting even a little bit easier. My every thought, from morning til night, is of you.

I just want my kitten back! I just want my kitten back! I just need my Sammy back!! Please . . .

My world is filled with such sadness, it’s overwhelming and endless. I ache to see you again. I can’t believe I will never see you, never touch you, never hear your sweet little meow, never feed you, never bust you in the bathroom shredding the toilet paper, never fall asleep with you next to me, never wake up to see your cute little face, never hear you purr, never call your name, never see you drink out of the fish tank or go crazy for some fish food . . .

Well my angel, I just found out your Tio died. I hope you already knew that because I hope you are together. He really loved you guys and was always there when we needed him.

I love you, my girl

I miss you every second.

This hurt can never heal.

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