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Nov 5, 2012

Just when I think I know someone, it never fails they do something totally unexpected ~ case in point: my brother, Bill. My brother, for as long as I can remember, he been the most selfish, self-centered, uncaring person anyone could ever meet... until the day my Sammy died.

First of all, when he offered to pick me up that morning I knew something was up (that's just not like him). When I got in his car, I could feel the different vibes from him. He wouldn't/couldn't look at me but even from the side I could see the seriousness and pain on his face. When I finally asked him what was up? He had a hard time getting the words out and I realized that it had nothing to do with him ~ he was genuinely hurt and worried about my reaction because he truly knew what the news would do to me.

He had tenderly moved Sammy from the driveway to the garage, so I wouldn't see her laying there but in case I wanted to see her. When we got home he asked if I wanted to see her and I said 'Do you think I should?' he said 'No I don't think you can handle seeing her like that.' So I didn't.

As I was sitting here crying & freaking out, he got a box to put her in & had taken His favorite blanket off his bed (because it was Sammy's favorite too) and put it in the bottom of the box and had made a pillow for her head (too make her as comfortable as he could). I gave him the little pink blanket I carried her home in when she was a baby and he covered her up with it. He taped the box closed and asked if I wanted to keep her with me and I did. How could he have known that? (because he knows me more than I thought).

I slept with her and kept her with me for 2 days ~ I just couldn't let her go. The 2 days I had her I didn't leave my bed. He had dug a hole to bury her, then came to my room and in the softest, most caring voice I had ever come out of him (I didn't think he had it in him) he says 'Dea, I think it's time.' I knew what he meant, so I picked up her litten casket and followed him outside. I placed her in the hole and we buried her together. Later that night when I went outside to talk to her, he had put a cat toy, a nice cat statue and had lit a candle for her. I absolutely lost it. He held me for what seemed like hours and just kept saying 'I'm so sorry Dea.'

He knew how completely devastated I would be and tried to ease my pain the only way he knew how, and for that I will forever be grateful to him.

He was truly my Sammy's UNCLE BILL that day.

Thank you Bill, I will never ever forget what you did for us that day...

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