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Monday Jan 12, 2009

Jake's Memorial

Jake's Memorial

..... since Jake passed away.
I'm healing but in my free time I sorely miss Jake's spirit and presence.

I have settled into a new lifestyle that has been good.

I'm still almost offended when someone suggests that I "just" get another dog.

I look around and I do not see any dog owners that have a relationship like Jake and I had.
Jake was never treated like a dog nor a pet, Jake was a member of my family and a great friend that knew me very well. Jake knew when it was time to play and when it was time for Dad to work. Jake knew he would have my undivided attention at some point every day and we would make the most it. We had the perfect relationship.

I laugh and cry when reflecting upon all of those great, special times we had together over the years.

Jake can never be replaced and I think it will be some time before I think about a new member in my family.

Jake was the best!

I will always miss you my sweet friend!

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