Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Diane & Odie'

Dear Odie

Dec 29, 2010

by Diane

Hi my little guy,

Christmas was so hard for me this year, keep thinking of how you would always get into stuff when I would bring up the tree from the basement to put it up.

Wrapping gifts was the hardest, I remember how you would grab any stuff animal I would get for the grandkids and shake it.

I am going into a new year, but the loss of you still hurts, I pray for you every night, and I ask God to look over you for me, I am sure you are helping Him with all the new animals as they also cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Happy New Year my little guy, I wish you were here to lick away my tears as they still flow as I write you this, I love you so much,

Your Mommy Diane

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