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'Diane & Odie'

Dear Pasha and Odie

Oct 21, 2012

by Diane
(Midland, Mi)

It's been four weeks since I kissed you goodbye Pasha, but to me it will never be goodbye, it is "I will see you when you and Odie and I meet again."

I think every day of that last minute I was with you when God's angels came down from heaven and took you home. I still cry so often, I wish I had one more time to hold you and Odie in my arms and hug you and tell you both over and over how much I love you two.

I know your spirits are here with me and I take comfort in that, and I know your spirits are here cause I hear your little nails Odie on the hardwood floors, and Pasha I see you out of the corner of my eyes, your little tail as your spirit comes in my bedroom.

I pray the day will come when my sad tears will be happy tears when I think of my two babies.

I love you two and will always will,

Your Mommy

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