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'Diane & Odie'

My Little Guy, Odie

Jan 6, 2011

by Diane

Hi Odie,

I have been feeling your presence so much lately, I been waking up thinking I can hear you whining at the bedroom door, or I think I hear your little feet as your nails would go across the hardwood floors.

Pasha is still acting like she is grieving too. I know Eddie has helped me in so many ways, because he is so much like you. Even daddy calls him at times,"little Odie jr" but we both know there will never be another Odie, and no other doggie will ever replace you. or take your place.

I pray every night for you, and ask God to give me strength, I miss you more and more everyday. I know I have your little ashes, but I still am not strong enough to even look at the little container you are in. Your daddy has them and said when I am strong enough he will give them to me.

I just need you to know I love you, miss you, and think of you everyday, and will till the day I take my last breath.

Good nite my little boy, sleep with angels,
I love you,

Your Mommy,


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