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'Diane & Odie'

Odie and Pasha

Oct 16, 2012

by Diane broomfield
(Midland, Mi)

Hello my babies,

Today I was thinking about when you were puppies and would love to run and jump in the fall leaves. There is not a day or night that goes by that I don't recall some wonderful memories of the two of you.

Baby still looks for you Pasha, she has been so sad, she wants me to hold her a lot more than usual. I am sure it is because she misses you. Eddie looks for you too Pasha, we did not have Eddie when you were here with me Odie, but I know you and him would have gotten along.

Tonight I will light a candle in both of your memories, I still miss you so much. I don't know if this empty feeling will ever go away, the pain is just as fresh today as it was when you crossed.
I pray every night for both of you, and I pray God will bless me by seeing the two of you again when God calls me to come home.

I love and miss you both so much, please take care of each other.

In my heart and thoughts always,

Your Mommy

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