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'Diane & Odie'

Odie and Pasha

Sept 26, 2012

by Diane
(Midland, Michigan)

Hi my little bud,

Today we went and picked up your little sister's ashes, I hope when she crossed the rainbow bridge you were there waiting for her. I prayed she would not be afraid. I saw an angel take her little soul as she peacefully went home to our Savior, and I know you two will have so much to catch up on since we lost you 2 years ago.

I told you all about Eddie, 3 days before Pasha left this world I got a little boy named Oliver. He is a real handful, keeps me on my toes. Although neither of my two babies I got will ever replace the two of you, it helps me cope.

Baby is still with me, she has been really sad since Pasha died, she goes over to her little bed and still looks for her.

I will always have yours and Pasha's ashes with me. I will talk to both of you every day, and when my time comes to leave this world, my wishes are you both will be buried with me and we will be together for eternity.

Hugs and kisses to my little boy and girl. Take care of each other, good nite, and sleep with angels.

I love and miss you so much.

Your Mommy

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