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Pasha and Odie

Nov 13, 2012

by Diane

Hi babies

Yesterday I had appointment with my doctor, we got to talking, and I broke down crying. I told my doctor I still think of that day Pasha when you crossed the rainbow bridge to join Odie. I told her I still can't get over the guilt of letting you go. She told me, just like everyone else does, that it took a lot of love to let you you go, and would be selfish to have kept you here. Why can't I believe that? Just like when Odie went home. Same guilt.

I miss you sooooo much! When I think of being with you when God's angels came to take you home, I cry uncontrollably, like it is a dream and it never happened, and you are still here.

You and Odie are here. I believe you are, I just want so much to hold and kiss my babies.

All my love,

Your Mommy

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