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'Diane & Odie'

Pasha and Odie

Oct 7, 2012

by Diane Broomfield
(Midland Mi)

Hello my little Pasha and Odie,

It's been two weeks since my little Pasha crossed the rainbow bridge and joined her little brother Odie.

They say time will heal this pain, but I still cry every day, this hole in my heart just gets bigger. I know God was telling me it was time for you to come home, but I miss you so much.

Odie I still think of you every day and pray every night for my two babies.

I hope Pasha is happy there with you.

I pray someday I will see both of you, til then, Odie please take care of baby sis. I love both of you so much.

You are always in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.

Your Mommy

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