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I Made a Pillow for Sassy

Monday July 13th, 2009

by Diane Adcox
(Philda pa)

The last picture of Sassy

The last picture of Sassy

I made a pillow for Sassy to remember her by. I put all the names on it and the date of her death. I sleep on it at night it's the last thing I have of her left, I packed all the bottles away so I could hold on them.

Someone gave us a kitten we named her Maggie, she is playful but it's not the same but she loves to sleep on Sassy's pillow at night I let her. The other cats are trying to play with Maggie but she still is getting used to them. She has not taken to Miss Midnight yet she puffs up and acts all big and bad and Miss Midnight looks at her like whatever short stuff, it is funny to watch that's for sure.

Bill's brother made me upset saying that Maggie was a replacement for Sassy. No she was not she was a gift and nothing more, she can't replace Sassy no one can. Sassy will always have my heart she was my little buddy, yes it helps to see Maggie and her antics but no way did she replace Sassy.

I know deep in my heart Sassy is in a better place now and she is not in any more pain I miss her deeply and wish she was still here with me. It's hard to understand how anyone can hurt a little baby kitten like they did Sassy it makes me so angry to think they will get away with that but I take hope that God will deal with them.

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