Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Dina & Taz'


May 17, 2010

by Dina
(Whitby, Ontario Canada)

I feel like a part of me has died with you, my love. Nothing is the same anymore. I can't bring myself to laugh or smile freely without thinking about how sad I am that you can't hear me or talk back to me.

You were the easiest baby to take care of. You never made me angry even when you stole a piece of chicken out of the sink with no evidence of the theft except it was gone. We still cannot figure out how you managed that one without leaving a trail of water.

There was a really good point that I read about you not wanting to see me sad and that's true, because whenever I was sick or upset, you were there to comfort me with your purr and your sweet little trill, so I'm trying to use that to help me get thru this emptiness I feel. You don't want to think of me as sad or upset, so I will do my very best to try and honour that for you, my baby Taz. xoxo

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