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'Dina & Taz'

There's a Hole in My Heart That Can't Be Filled

Aug 7, 2010

by Dina Meiusi
(Whitby, Ontario)

There will never be another baby like you, Taz. Peppis tries to be loving and cute, but it's just not you. There will never be another you and I still can't think about you without breaking down. Craig and I miss you so much and we both have our sentimental times. I miss the special stories that daddy would make up about you. We stop ourselves from saying the same things to Peppis and Bowzer because those were Taz-isms and it doesn't feel right saying them anymore.

I'm glad you're not in pain anymore, but the selfish part of me wishes you were still laying next to me or at the foot of the bed just being close to "your people"... I miss you so very much, there just aren't the words to describe the hurt and pain I feel in the hole that is in my heart... I love you baby and mommy and daddy miss you every single day :-(

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