Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Easter Eggs for You and Leya'

April 23, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

My special golden boy, I think of you all the time and my heart is still aching with such sadness and longing for your presence. It's the first Easter without you, so we won't be having a big dinner, but there will be plenty of Easter eggs and treats for you and Leya, right here at your beloved home. The flowers are blooming, your favorite the four-o'clocks are so pretty, I want you two to come walk and sit with me.

I look up the sky many times each day, because you always taught me to stand the tallest when the things get rough. Still, all I want is you, your unconditional love. Aren't you so glad that Leya's Mom put such a beautiful upbeat song on Leya's website for you. She definitely is a lot more brave and has much more wisdom than me. She loves you very much Charlie, you already know that, and we all are so fortunate.

Your brothers are doing okay, but miss you too. Your Dad seems improving, I know your golden touch always works. And, I am relieved April is finally going away, it's been way too emotional. I miss you dearly.



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