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Tiny Tim

Jan 16, 2013

My Tiny Tim

My Tiny Tim

It is odd how I always think of similarities between my pets and characters after they are gone. But with Moonpie, it was quite apparent who he reminded me of when he was alive-Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol. He had the same beautiful kind nature, always looked out for others, was a small and very docile fella and there was obviously his sickness.

The first day we bought him home, it was clear that he was ill - we never buy from pet shops usually, but when we saw him on his own, we knew he needed a good home. He got better, but not for long and then began the trips back and fourth to the vets. When he was diagnosed with dwarfism, it made him that little bit more special to me. But it also made it quite difficult for me to bond with him at the beginning, as we weren't sure how long he would be around for.

His bulb is growing, the one I planted in his pot. We have kept it inside, it still doesn't seem right to put it in the garden. It's a snowdrop.

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