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Aftermath of Christmas

Jan 14, 2013

by Gabrielle

For some reason I have been having difficulty getting online. Maybe it's the weather.
I have started to venture out again. The stress of looking after Alfie, giving him his medication and supplements 5 times a day was time consuming and I had found myself just watching him every minute for signs of the end-time. However, as I may have said, when it came it came quickly and just as I was suffering peculiar symptoms the doctor put down to chronic stress (my husband suffers dementia). With Alfie there was acute stress as well.

When I begin a New Year I know I can be happy as long as my pets are OK. This year it is not to be and I still have Alfie's pressies unopened. He loved moving toys - I haven't given them to Josie as she is just not interested in dashing about pushing things under the furniture and going belly flat squeezing under to get them.

I have also cut off my contact with my sister. Don't want to moan but she has lived a very sheltered life is a complete hypochondriac and seems to think her needs and concerns should come before mine and everyone else's. Up till the day Alfie died I was exhausted with her daily phone calls at least 3 a day demanding help one way or another. I had to buy her Christmas cards online, her clothes for her social events etc. She has driven my two nieces mad and they have cut off relations, so I get the brunt.

My hitherto good health seems to be failing and I can't allow that to happen. I feel she has deprived me of grieving for Alfie by her nasty telephone calls. To her the loss of a pet is nothing compared to her problems with getting the wrong items sent from the jewellery channel and her 'shopper' failing to find Chicken Casserole in the frozen food setion.

I feel awful reading this as I am usually disgusted by self-pity, but this is supposed to be a warts and all comment. Sorry

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