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Desperate Days for Alfie

Dec 4, 2012

by Gabrielle

Poor little one - he goes from sleepy and snuffly to trying to pretend he's OK.
Today was a bad day but when I contacted the holistic healer she seemed to think that he was near the end and to simply carry on with non-invasive medication.
Unfortunately all medication is invasive as he won't eat or drink anything adulterated.

His appetite is OK - the sad thing is that he can't actually swallow without great difficulty and it is killing me to watch. Leslie insists I continue with the medication but I feel a brute forcing it on him. Liquid 3 times a day seems so cruel. I am now anorexic from the strain of this. It's not as if I haven't been through it all before, but it still pains me.

I have committed to carrying on - as long as he will let me.

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