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Good Wishes

Jan 17, 2013

by Gabrielle

I was dreading my visit to the hairdresser today. Yesterday I met Pat who asked if we had a good Christmas and wished me a Happy New Year. This has become so difficult because I can't say. "I had a miserable Christmas because I was without my best friend".

Today I thought I would have to go through the ritual with Linda and have to explain that Alfie had been taken ill and died since my last visit. She is an animal lover and understands. I could empathise and support her when her horse become ill and she did everything including taking him to the Vet Hospital in Glasgow - to no avail. So I wouldn't even be able to choke down a quick answer as she knew how I 'bonded' with Alfie immediately and what a live-wire he was.

To add to that is that fact that Linda was diagnosed with cancer some months ago so would not want to go on about it too much in view of her own serious health concerns. This is always a dilemma with pet v human death, you have to be tactful. She was not there, however, as she had just had her final treatment at the Radiology centre. Her attitude to her illness has been wonderful. It was such a shock as she is an energetic and apparently healthy person; exercises regularly and eats sensibly. Apparently there is a high incidence of cancer in this area and it is being monitored by a international research institute based in the USA. The way she has continued to work throughout her treatment is inspirational.

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