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Hi Alfie

Mar 1, 2013

by Gabrielle

Hi Alfie -

Happy St David's Day. The daffodils are not out but we have lovely sun. This is the first time in 12 years the daffs haven't been open for St David. I miss you dashing through them and sniffing out voles and mice.

Josie doesn't bother and though it's lovely weather I think she's a bit timid on her own.

I have missed a lot of entries because I have been tryng so hard to do your portrait. I feel guilty and lost because I haven't got a good photo of you. The digital ones I took intending to paint are too fuzzy for reproduction.

So I have been involved and surrounded by sketches of you and it has been difficult to come down to earth again and understand you ARE NOT ACTUALLY HERE. Sometimes we hear a noise Josie and I. It's the sound of you coming in at the cat flap. I know it's not just me because if Josie is sitting on the chair arm she stands up and looks towards the door just as she used to do expecting you with one of your trophies. It's very strange.

We have talked about bringing Josie a companion. We don't know how she would react. Being with your one and only son for 10 years is special. We miss you, miss you miss you and no-one can replace you.

Bye darling

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