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I'm Still Sad

Oct 16, 2009

by Gloria

It's been 2 months. I'm still missing and sad over losing my companion and best friend. I don't cry every day now but I am still very sad. I ran across a former co-worker and dog lover last week. She asked about Venus. I told her that V was gone. She knew what I was going thru. I can talk about Venus now without crying (most of the time). Some family members (not in my household) do not understand why I am still sad and upset that she is gone. I know they are trying to help.

Yes, I know that large breed dogs have a shorter life span. Yes she had a wonderful life with me. Yes when you get a dog you have to expect that they will die in a few years. My mind understands all of that. Now I have to get my heart to accept and get over losing my best friend. I still have 2 other dogs (which helps) but I'm having difficulty coping with losing my best friend & companion. SHE WAS #1!!! I told her and she knew it. I used to tell her (and others)that if someone offered me a million dollars or if I could choose another dog from millions of others, I would again only choose her.

She was truly amazing & phenomenal--beautiful, smart, well behaved, obedient, loyal, funny, protective, enjoyed life to fullest. She had a wonderful life--better than most dogs. But she truly gave back to me and the world the best that she had which was truly phenomenal. I just miss my best friend. I still talk to her when I'm driving or at home.

I am going out of town next weekend. This will be my first out of town road trip without her. I am single and will have to go alone. She was always my traveling companion and security on the road. I will now have to stay overnight for 2 nights for an event I am attending all day on Saturday. I would normally drive back at nite if I had her. I miss my security. My life is totally different now. I changed jobs and am moving because of not having Venus.

Some unknown guy walking down the street recently asked the Pet Sitter where was the Rottweiler? when the other 2 dogs were outside. It was none of his business but he (and others) have noticed that she is not around. I really don't feel comfortable living in my home without her so I am moving. My current dogs would give the house away if someone broke in. I didn't have to worry about that with Venus. If a burglar chose a house to break in, would it be one with a Rottweiler? I don't think so unless they were terribly stupid or mentally impaired. I don't want to live in this house anymore without Venus. So I am moving to the country near my relatives.

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