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'Gloria & Venus'

Still Missing My Best Friend

Aug 27 - Aug 29, 2009

by Gloria

8/27 - I have been crying daily and it is difficult to work. I am SO sad. I found a T-shirt place that makes personalized tees. I am having tee shirts made with Venus' pix that read: I love Venus, 2001-2009, Faithful Companion. I hope this will make me feel better. The tees won't be ready until 9/1.

8/29 - I am ANGRY today. I am so angry that my best friend is gone. Who am I angry at? Not her, not God. But I am MAD that Venus is gone. Why did she have to die? Why did she have to leave? I am still crying everyday. My life just doesn't feel right without her. It's only been 1 week but it seems like forever.

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