Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Heather & Montana'


Mar 6, 2011

by Heather
(United States)

Today we buried my beloved cat. Yesterday it rained which felt appropriate - like tears from heaven. Today it was cold and there was an occasional snowflake. The ground was soft and damp and easy to dig. I knew the perfect place beside my window.

My husband bought the perfect box and I lifted her from her temporary box and placed her in the new one and she fit perfectly. I left her in the towel she had been wrapped in the day before and that I carried her with before she died. I cut a little of her fur and put in in a bag so I could have it to remember her by which seemed to help. I wept as I placed her in the perfect sized hole and covered her up. I have yet to make the marker but I did write on the box. I told her I love her and miss her before I walked away. I feel like she is still with me yet now I know she is not coming back.

Last night I dream that I went to check on her and she was healthy and alive again. Somehow when I woke I quickly realized that was not true nor was it gong to happen. Somehow today is a little easier but not much. I can see in time it will get easier but I will always miss and love her. There is nothing more pure than the love of a pet. She was the best.

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