Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Hilary & Suzy'

Missing Her

August 05, 2009

by Hilary

I was looking through some boxes from my old office and came across a bunch of pictures of Suzy and Sybil.

They brought a smile to my face... she looked so young in those pictures, so vibrant and alive.... It made me sad to know that she's not there... I'm still dealing with this. I don't know how to not continue dealing with this... It's almost become a part of my daily routine... grieve...

I keep a journal now that I address the entries to her specifically. I've taped in all the cards I'd received, all the poems I've printed and lots and lots of pictures.

I carry the journal with me everywhere. Am I just hanging onto to this and not letting it go? Am I over reacting to the whole situation? Am I being too emotional? Am I losing it??

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