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Mon Oct 20, 2008

Luka Home!

by KC



At 7am, my daughter, Cera, and I were in the kitchen. She was going to leave early for USC where she is a solphmore, to look for Luka.

All of a sudden, we heard a small bark, a cry and pawing at the front door. Cera was there before I could get out of my chair. She yelled "Luka Baby" and I got to the door in time to be met by our beautiful baby boy. He stunk the high heaven's, but he had found his way home.

We were all crying as we ran upstairs to get my husband. He got up right away and took Luka in the shower to bathe him. When they came downstairs, Luka ran to the back door. I opened it but he stood there. I went out and said "come on, boy". He came out and began to run almost in circles and barking like he had never done before.

I went down off the porch with him. His nose went to the ground and he kept looking up and barking. He finally ran to the side of the house. The shovel my husband had used to get our beloved Jake off the road with was sitting by the garage door. Luka sniffed it and ran back to me.

I took him back in the house and fed him. He had lost so much weight, and he had raw places on the pads of his feet. He started to cry and howl almost as soon as he got home. I don't know if he's trying to tell us that Jake got killed or that he got separated from Jake and doesn't know where he is, but either way, you can tell he's hurting and grieving over Jake not being here.

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