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Baldy Baby, My Angel At The Bridge

March 28, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

My beautiful Baldy Baby, how many years ago did you come to me, this little bare, hairless rat. You were my little baldy boy so the name stuck. I got your brothers Jet and Twix first, then the man said you were supposed to go to this fine house with a well off man, but he never came to pick you up, so days later you joined your brothers, and now my sweet rat you are joining them again over the bridge.

Your tumour was getting worse, I found you at supper time laying in the cage, already freezing cold.

I wrapped you up in a fleecy blanket and cuddled you for ages. You clung to life for a short while, I begged you not to let go while I fed all the others. Badger was late with his injection, but when I went back to you you had left me. I am so sorry you didn't pass away with me holding you.

Run to Rolo my darling and he will take you back to your brothers, you are united once and forever more, see you again one day so till then run free my lovely pink baby, my Baldy Baby,

Love Mum xxxxxxxxx

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