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'Jean & Amelia'

Black Sock

May 27, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Tears flow yet again, Black Sock, my lovely Guinea pig has gone over the bridge to you Rolo. Please look after him baby, also Wayne mouse and white mouse, their years were spent and as little old men they passed away to come to that glorious place of green grass, trees and streams. God put a kiss on all their little heads as they get there.

I love you all my babies, I cry for you all and for my little ones who are buried at my mum's as she had the garden that I didn't have. So Lord give those souls those sweet babies an extra head kiss, because my mum is now in a care home and I am left to collect all her things from her house, and over these sad days I not only face saying goodbye to her home but to all those little babies graves in her garden. I pray that they are safe and well over the bridge now and that their mortal remains are needed no longer.

So a special kiss to all the little mice and wild animals buried there and to Misty the sweet blue rescue rat and Tobias the rescue hamster, Molly my beautiful cat who was killed by some uncaring motorist who never even stopped outside mum's house, and to all my furbabies from the garden and from their home here with me. God rest you all my babies watch for me I will be reunited with you all,

Your earth Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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