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Goodbye My Sweet Sanka Rat

April 23, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

It was with shock as I went to feed my rats that as I came to Sanka, Joseph, Steven's cage, that I found Sanka, lying in that dreadful still position that you know is death.

You were there for your toast my baby when I fed you all this morning, why are you now so cold and still? You are now wet with my tears, I love you my sweet rat. So now you must have heard your brother Stella calling you in the sunshine by the stream at the bridge, so go now my baby boy run to him and to Rolo and all my bridge angels. Run free my darling and one day I will find you and oh how joyous that moment will be, until then I will grieve and miss you, my little Weardale rat.

Love for ever in this life and the next,

Your Mum on earth xxxxxxxxxxx

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