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'Jean & Amelia'

Hi Rolo

March 25, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Just want to talk to you Rolo.

I want to tell you how much it still hurts that you are gone from me, each time I read another pain filled tribute from other earth mums and dads the tears fall for you and for them.

I am in between bereavement Rolo, so it is just for you that I write this to thank you for being my friend on this earth and for the love you gave me. I hope the other angel babies are not causing you too much hassle up there over the bridge. I will be there to help you one day my darling, so now have a lovely day and tell all the other angel babies that I love and miss them all, give them head kisses, and I send you one big head kiss for yourself, so run free my darling till I speak to you again.

PS you can come visit me anytime you want to even in my dreams, I would so love to see you again my sweet baby,

All my love,

Your Mummy on earth xxxxxxx

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