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I Tried.....

Feb 22, 2012

by Jean

Please believe me my little friend, when I saw you running loose on the living room floor, I was terrified my friends dog would catch you before I could and kill you.

Please believe me that when I did catch you it was in a so called humane mouse trap, but they didn't put enough ventilation in it so when I released you I though you dead, then i saw a flicker of life and for what seemed like an eternity I held your tiny body and you slowly came back to me.
I put you in a cage with warm bedding and you were eating well.

My heart broke the next morning when you were gone, you layed there lifeless a little baby that had only a few weeks of life, as I buried you I named you Timothy so run free on baby legs, and please believe me I love you and am so sorry I didn't save you,

Love Mum xxxxxxxx

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