Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'

Jet My Old Friend

Feb 26, 2012

by Jean


How am I going to go on, I can't bear these losses any more, each time one of you leaves me a piece of me goes with you, until nothing will be left of me any more.

Please someone help me, how can I bear any more heart wrenching, any more goodbyes.

You are leaving with little white mouse, stay together and go to my Rolo, he will look after you both till I get there. Look for Twix your brother Jet he will be pleased to see you, and tell him I love and miss him.

Your other earth brother already misses you and looks for you Jet.

Only rat people will say, no never ever were you only a rat, you were my big black handsome baby so run free my darling and I have your memory of the last cuddle as you slept feebly against my grieving heart.

Love you Jet now and for evermore..............

Mum xxxxxxxxx

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