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Just Want To Talk To You Rolo

Oct 3, 2011

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Hello my sweet little man, my beautiful first rat baby, just wanted to let you know that I still miss you very much and my heart still aches for you my little man.

I had a lot of mice to take to the Weardale animal sanctury this week, we went to the place high above Weardale called Farplace, and it made me think my Rolo, that's where you are now in a farplace. I hope it is a good place and you are happy and still watching for me, I will be with you again one day Rolo, and won't ever be parted from you again.

I took in two more rescue rats Rolo, I hope you dont mind, they will never be you my darling but they needed a home to call their own.

Well Rolo I am going to bed soon and I will try to find you in my dreams and kiss your little head, will speak to you again soon my little rat god bless you and sleep warm and safe my darling,

Love and kisses your earth Mum xxxx

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