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My Beautiful Little Old Girl Tilly

August 7, 2012

by Jean

Tilly, my sweet Tilly,

I have had you nearly four short years, I'm told this is a good age for a rat, that doesn't ease the vast empty space you have left in my aching heart.

Rolo loved you my baby just as I always will, you are together now my little baby, it is his turn once again to know the joy of your company. He will always look after you my baby so run free now forget the last few miserable weeks of old age and not being able to eat anything much but baby yogurt. I can't look at them anymore in the supermarket because they remind me so much of you Tilly.

I nursed you in my arms that night stroking your shiny black head, then as your breathing became worse I knew you were going to leave me soon, and as I turned off the lights to settle down with you I felt that awful tremble that comes just before death and you were gone.

Keep this new bridge angel safe and by your side Rolo, and maybe if I deserve it you and Tilly will come to visit me, in my dreams or how ever you want to.

So I will keep in touch with you both and all my bridge angels are locked up safe in my heart and memories. Good night my babies, and little baby mouse and old black mouse have come over to your care Rolo. I will see you all soon and for eternity, till then head kisses to every one of you.

Sleep well princess Tilly, I thought you would never grow old. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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