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'Jean & Amelia'

My Poor Daimon

March 14, 2012

by Jean

My poor poor Daimon, you passed away in my arms as I wept for you and your week long struggle with life.

Just less than an hour ago you lost that struggle and though I begged you not to go and begged god not to take you, you went.

You tried so hard my darling, I took you to bed with me every night wrapped in your fleece to keep you warm but now you have gone, I sat with you constantly wrapped up while you slept.

I will speak to you when I feel a little stronger my sweet rat, they say you can't cross that bridge till my tears stop, I hope not as they fall constantly these days. Go to Rolo and give him my love, run free now my baby, while I try to mend my broken heart once again as I lose another piece of it.

Lots of kisses on your head and the heads of all my angel babies, goodnight for now,

Mum xxxxxxxxxx

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