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My Sweetest Friend Mousey

Sept 22, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

The one thing after sweet Birdy left for the bridge was that my other very old Mousey would go soon.

Well my beloved Mousey you left me on the 22nd of this month, you went it seems from a healthy quick old mouse to a frail little soul. I went to feed you and let you out as you always looked forward to doing, you were not at the cage door as usual and I got that horrible sinking feeling, and there you were my sweet old man, lying still in your nest barely moving.

I called out to you because I thought you had gone without me being able to say my good byes. Since you were little you have always come to me for a cuddle as you layed on my chest and closed your little eyes in bliss as I rubbed your tiny head.
I picked your small lifeless cold body from your nest and noticed a small flicker of life as I wrapped you in a soft warm fleece, the next hours were like a long bad dream as you slowly ebbed away, you lifted your frail head and looked at me as for most of that night I cradled you in my arms.

But age and cancer were just too much for you and as I kissed your head as you loved me to do you gently faded away.

I am as I type this looking at your empty cage, I have tears rolling down my face, who can I cuddle and tell my troubles to now Mousey, how can I manage to deal with your absence from my life, who is going to cuddle you now Mousey.

Tonight I will have to bury my sweetest friend, my darling old Mousey, please somehow let me know you are well and safe with Birdy and Rolo. Run free my little darling and I await that glorious day when we are reunited once again and I will give you an eternity of cuddles and head kisses, until then my Mousey I will grieve for you always, the kindest sweetest mouse in the whole world,

Love your adoring Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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