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'Jean & Amelia'

My Three Beautiful Sisters and Black Mouse Rainbow Angels

Oct 30, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Gone too soon, my lovely little black mouse, found in eternal sleep, don't know why he was all right until now, god must have wanted my little angel back.

Gone too soon, three of my sweet rex rat sisters they left their other rex sisters to go to the bridge after suffering with that dreaded breathing problem that many ratties get. I have wept tears for all of them, now I must try and stop as I have read that they cannot cross that bridge until my tears stop.

Run free my sweet babies untill we meet again, I am sorry that the vet or your loving mummy couldn't save you, but you are here in my grieving heart forever, go to my sweet Rolo who will stay by your side till I am with you once again my darlings.

Love and head kisses to you all,

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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