Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'

Remembering You All This Christmas

Dec 21, 2011

by Jean
(Durham England)

My dearest sweetest little angels my angel rats and mice and Bruce my gentle Great Dane, Tobias my rescue hamster many wild creatures and cats, this is to let you know how much my heart is hurting without you all.

Christmas is a sad time when I think of you all, your worn out little bodies lie in peace in the house each remembered for the beautiful little creatures you are and the joy that you gave me during your precious time on this earth with me.

I love you my babies and it hurts like it was yesterday that you have gone.

Rolo my darling I promise you I will be with you again one day, so watch over the rest of my angel babies, we will be together over that bridge, so until that day run free my darlings and a peaceful loving Christmas to you all from your heartbroken Mum here on earth.

God bless and rest you all, kisses on each and every head,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mum.

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