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'Jean & Amelia'

So Many Bridge Angels

Mar 16, 2013

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Where do I start, I have lost too many of you this year. I know nearly all of you have passed with age, a mere 3 years. What good is three years, I just get to know you to love you and you're gone.

Well Rolo my sweet rattie boy, you are going to be so busy showing all your sweet new bridge babies around up there. Please don't let them get lost, look after them all.

There is sweet baldy girl, Romildkirk, angel boy, Sasha, old black mouse, old grey mouse, runaway black and white mouse, little baby born mouse, Shadow rat brother of Tiny Tim, Egglestone, hoodie rat who was only young, and now my sweet Ebony, who was only days ago giving me cuddles and rattie kisses.

How unbearable is this life without you all, poor Sid is also with you now Rolo, who is he going to give his kisses to now. I know he will find my sister and dad to kiss till I get there to be with him and all you precious souls.

Is Pinky there Rolo? Please let him know his brother Ebony is meeting him, so run free my darlings. Don't forget, keep watching because one day I will be back by your sides and we will never part again,

Love you lots and lots,

Your sad earth Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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