Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'

Still Missing You My Baby Boy

by Jean
(Darlington )

I am sitting here my darling little Rolo with tears still falling as if it were yesterday that you left me.

My heart aches so much I cannot bear it, is Amelia with you my little Rolo she past away last week, my little hairless girl rat, and now the vet tells me Eshter has cancer, what am I to do without you all my babies.

I was in the pet shop the other day, you know the one where I got you from, I remember it so well you were the only black hooded rat in the cage all the others were ginger hoodies, they all hid in the corner and you stood there looking at me your little face said it all, pick me.

The woman who gave you to me asked how you all were ,but with tears in my eyes I had to tell her you had gone. She said how sorry she was Rolo, but nobody is as sorry as I am, I miss you dreadfully you know.

I will stop for now as I cannot see for tears for you, so give Amelia and Misty my love, till I feel strong enough to talk to you again my darling, enjoy yourself where you are,

Love your Mum Jean. xxxxx

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