Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'

Sweet Rolo

Aug 12, 2012

by Jean
(Durham England)

One day soon my baby I will be strong enough to put your photo here, you and all my bridge angels.

One day I will think of you without floods of tears, yes my little man I still cry for you, I always will.

One day I will laugh more at the funny memories that you gave me.

But the one day I look forward to is the day I will take you in my arms and hear your sweet chattering as I stroke your soft head and look into those little elderberry eyes, x I send you this kiss till then my little angel.

Run free with all my other babies and tell them to watch the bridge from time to time because one day I will be crossing it and back with you forever, till then my little man xxxxxxxxx I love you more than a thousand daffodils,

Love Mum, sad here on this lonely earth without you all.

Good night my angels xxxxxxx

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