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The Sad Loss of My Hannah

Jan 2, 2012

by Jean
(Durham England)

A new year an old heartache, my lovely old white rattie girl, my beautiful Hannah passed away as I nursed her wrapped up in a warm fleecy blanket. It was 3:30 in the morning and as her laboured breathing suddenly went quiet I knew my precious little baby had left me, left this world, but left her pain.

You are with my sweet Rolo now little one so on this sad new year, run free my angel, Mum loves you very much.

The day you came to me with your little sister Alice from our local pet stall, when they told me you had been returned by a lady who said you both bit her, and I was later told she had picked you both up by your tails.

Yet at first you were both timid and nervous we became great friends and you never tried to bite.

So till we all meet again Hannah, play with all the other angel babies,

Love Mum xxxxxxxxxx

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