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'Jean & Amelia'

Three Little Mice

Sept 5, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Hello my sweet Rolo,

Hope you are well and happy, still think of you every time I see a cherry fruit corner yogurt. Can you please look after little tiny baby mouse, sweet old white mouse and poor poor old poorly mouse who had cancer in her leg. They are more of my babies who I have loved and lost.

Missing you lots my darling, how is sweet Tilly rat, bet she was pleased to see you, give her my love and tell her to come see me in my dreams along with any of my bridge babies. To all of you I say run free.

Also Rolo I want to let you know that because of all the cruel people on this earth the bridge will always be full of animals that have died through slaughterhouses and neglect, for all those I send my love to them in the hope they are having a better time now, because of this I have become vegan and don't eat any meat.

So till I see you again my little man go play and enjoy yourself, with all my undying love to you all,

Your earth Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

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