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'Jean & Amelia'

Tiny Tim

Nov 30, 2011

by Jean
(Durham England)

At 10 oclock tonight you left me Timmy.

From the day I got you and your two brothers from the people who didn't even want you, My tiny Tim you were the thinnest weakest little black rat I had ever seen. You came to me with breathing problems and they didn't care enough to even take you to a vet or you would still be here with me my sweet little boy.

I have nursed you for days giving you your medicine and cuddles but tonight I knew you wouldn't make it.

You layed in my arms gasping for breath, then you just got weaker and weaker. Now just 17 minutes ago you passed away after fit after fit. Be at rest now my beautiful boy at least you died in my arms, not like poor Rodrigo and Robert at the vets.

Right my Rolo it is up to you now to keep my Timmy happy till I come over that bridge to be with you all again and for ever. Run free my Tim, I love you and as always another of my angel babies has taken a piece of my heart with them.

God rest you and make you well again my baby, lots more love and kisses on top of the ones I gave you as you left me Timmy, and dont forget to give Rolo the one I sent with you,

xxxxxxxxxxx Your Mum xxxxxxxx

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