Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jean & Amelia'


Dec 23, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Why did you have to leave, I didn't even know you were both going, can I come with you? No I guess not yet, you go ahead my babies, I will follow later that I promise.

Why am I losing pieces of my heart each time you pass away, each time you close your shiny eyes one last time, each time you hold your little hands together in death.

I know I mustn't cry or it will stop you both crossing that beautiful bridge, but why oh why does it have to be such a short love, a quick companionship.

I love my pet rats and mice, now two more of my rat angels light up God's life, head kisses to you both. To you sweet baldy girl I say stay with the furry ones as you know they keep you warm when you sleep, but my precious Rolo for whom my heart still aches dreadfully, he will stay with you, and to Egglestone rat, don't worry my sweetie your brothers miss you so but they are alright my baby.

Why do I say each time your turn comes to leave do I say no more I cannot take this pain this heartache I still do,

because you are my life and I love you this is WHY.

Your grieving earth Mum, xxxxxxxx

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