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Why Won't This Heartache Stop?

Aug 9, 2011

by Jean
(Durham England)

It's me again my sweet Rolo, every day I sit and read other poor people's anguish and sadness at losing their beautiful pets, then my tears fall for you.

I miss you so much my little man, I hope you are at the rainbow bridge and will watch for me. I promise you Rolo I will be there one day to take you in my arms and kiss your sweet little face and I hope your little body is well and mended now and that you can walk and run with Misty, Amelia, Tobias and all the little mice.

You are my special rat Rolo and I miss you so very much. I look for a sign that you will visit me some times am I going mad that's how it feels.
Big hug my dah dah, to you and all my little babies that I love so well, give Bruce my love and keep watching xxxxx

Your Mum

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