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Jessie, Always Remembered

July 24, 2011

We received our memorial this week with Jessie's ashes. It was a somber day, but it felt like she was back home with us. The memorial's very nice and understated. It's a beautiful wooden box with a place inside for her. It has a name tag, Jessie, our beloved girl. On the front is place for a photo, which we are still trying to decide which one, and a paw print.

I have a special necklace that has Jessie as well and it's kept close to my heart. Jessie, you are first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.

Lola, Jessie's sister, seems sad at times but I've been able to make her tail wag a lot more often. I give her lots of love. If you were still here, I would do the same for you.

My husband asked me the other day, which would you have rather have had, 6 months with Jessie or none at all. I'm grateful for my time with you Jessie. I'm glad you were part of my life, even if it was for a short time. You helped me heal my heart and open it again to love. Thank you Jessie for all your love. You are carried with me in my heart forever.

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