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'Jennifer & Sugar'

One Month 'Anniversary'

May 11, 2011

by Jennifer

It's been one month since we said goodbye, Sugar, and I miss you more than the day I let you go.

Said a few prayers for you, lit the candle by your picture and the little box of your cremains on the shelf, along with the Buddhist statue and some nag champa.

Things here at home are not the same without you walking around, purring, jumping around on your favorite perches. What I'll miss too, is when I sometimes arrived back home after being gone for a while; you would always run through the house from room to room because you were so excited that I was back home to be with you. I'll miss rubbing your belly, and when you jumped up on the sofa to lie down and sleep on my chest while I too dozed off for a few hours.

I miss you so much.

Having your little box back here at home really helps, though.

Thank you for coming to me the other morning at around 6 am. I felt you here, I felt you jump up on the foot of the bed. I didn't want to move because I didn't want you to leave.

I also heard you ruffling the pages of my journal while I half-slept.

I miss you, Kitty.

I'll see you soon, I hope.



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