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Still Missing You

June 13, 2011

by Jennifer


I have not stopped missing you since we said goodbye in April. It seems like time hasn't passed at all since that day.

My only comfort, like I have said, is that your little box is here at home, still makes me feel you are still at home.

The pain of losing you is still fresh, and I have heard the grief doesn't ever go away, it just gets a little easier.

I miss you just as much as the day I let you go. In fact, I miss you more and more each day. I'm still hurting, so, there are days when I cannot think much about you, but, it doesn't mean I love you less. It means I love you so much and you're not here, that I can't bear the pain of you being gone.

It all seems so surreal that I don't have you in the physical plane any longer. I just cannot believe it.

I'm so relieved I chose to keep your box at home, and not buried somewhere in a cemetery.

I miss you, Kitty.



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