Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jenny & Nikki'

Day 6

January 26, 2011

by Jenny Pastrano
(San Antonio, TX)

Today is day 6... I woke up early and can't go back to sleep. We went to a support group last night and it was really nice. There were only a few people there but I kind of liked it better that way. I'm going to go back next month.. I just wished they met more often.

Julie Wylie is the person who started the group and I really like her. She said some things that I hadn't really thought about. She said that all of our pets are really just a piece of God... who else loves us unconditionally no matter what we do or say? Who else is always there for us on our good and bad days? God is in each one of them and shows us what his love is like... She also said there was a good book and would get me the title of it.

It's definitely a group I want to be a part of... a few weeks ago there was a dog named Peanut whose owner set him on fire and the dog had to be put down... a group had a vigil for Peanut... and the support group was the group... I've been wanting to make a difference and maybe it's here. She also made a good point when she said that Peanut and many other animals will never experience the love we gave our pets... and they are truly blessed to have us as pet owners... and I thought that was so true.

Well I go back to work today... let's see how that goes... lately I've been feeling like quitting and just trying something new. Maybe it's a sign...

Well I just want to mention that I still miss my baby and I still hate my other dogs... Baby Girl keeps going around the house sniffing and crying.. I think she might miss her too.

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